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by Elaine on February 3, 2012

MediaWiki Wiki Software MediaWiki Wiki Software

Installing MediaWiki myself on Dreamhost was a nightmare.  I installed it literally 20 times, both with the One Click Installs and manually.  I got lots of error messages when Installing it myself but I finally got fed up and contacted Dreamhost support to help me Install MediaWiki.  Dreamhost support was extremely friendly and responsive.  They helped me re-Install MediaWiki and setup my site.  I had MediaWiki up in a day.  The only thing is that there were some other issues that came up, plus Dreamhost only had Media Wiki 1.16, an older version of MediaWiki.  I decided it was time to move out of Dreamhost and search for another web hosting provider for my wiki website.

Now, I’m pretty good at installing software and setting up databases but Wiki software must be the most difficult platforms to Install.  I wouldn’t want to install that myself again.  So if you want to install Wiki software, I would advise to go with web hosting providers that have the one-click installs.

Below are some Webhosting companies that I checked out – Tigertech, Fatcow, 1and1, and Hostgator.   I looked at a few One Click Install Wiki software and found 3 that I liked and recommend.  They are the TikiWiki CMS Groupware 8.3, MediaWiki 1.18 and phpMyFAQ 2.7.3.

1.  Tigertech,
TigerTech WebhostingIt will be a little difficult to install the software on Tigertech but I’m sure the support there will help install Tikiwiki or Mediawiki if you have problems.  Tigertech does not have the control panel for one-click installs.  You need to be somewhat of an expert and know your way around with FTP and ssh access.  There is something new in Tigertech in that they have Wordpress quick installs now.  I don’t believe that had that in the past.   No promotions at Tigertech right now.  Webhosting will cost $6.95/mo.  Click here to check out Tigertech Webhosting.

2.  Fatcow
Fatcow WebhostingFatcow has the same type of script interface as Bluehost (which is different from Dreamhost).  Fatcow has all the wiki and softwares that are up to date and ready to install.  I believe it will also take a few seconds to install required software into your domain.  Fatcow is 50% off – cost you $3.67/mo.  Click here to check out Fatcow Webhosting.

3.  1and1
1and1 WebhostingI used 1and1 in the past, they had their webhosting for free for a year when they first started like 10 years ago.  I just checked out their site and they have a sale for 6 months free then $6.99/month.  They also have the same quick installs as Bluehost with all the wiki software mentioned in my last Email.  Click here to check out 1and1 Webhosting.

4.  Hostgator
Hostgator WebhostingHostgator also has quick installs, but they don’t offer TikiWiki.  They have latest version of Media Wiki 1.18, and phpMyFAQ 2.7.3.  I also noticed they have the latest install version for Joomla that just came out.  Which means they keep their quick installs up to date.    They have a different layout than Bluehost for quickinstalls, but you have access to all the pertinent information and software – ftp, file manager, etc all the gui interface.  They have a free demo control panel, so you can demo the cpanel before purchasing.  Hostgator is 20% off – $3.96/mo.  Click here to check out Hostgator Webhosting.

I hope this helps narrow down your search for Wiki and web hosting partners to search for.  Out of the 4, I believe the most reliable web hosting provider is Tigertech, but most difficult to install.    If you are a newbie, I would suggest Fatcow or HostGator.  They provide excellent service and both have One Click Installs.




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