When you get Webhosting from Dreamhost, it comes with unlimited Email addresses.  You can create as many Email addresses as you want for your website.  If you wanted, you could also host your email addresses elsewhere which will take some customization.  Below I will show you how to create your own Email Address for your […]


Bluehost Help – You can easily manage your Email accounts in Bluehost in your Bluehost Cpanel.  Managing your Email accounts include: Check emails Change email password Change email quota Delete email account Click here to view my Bluehost Video Tutorial (Duration = 1 minute) – Bluehost Video Tutorial on How to Manage Your Bluehost Email […]


Bluehost Help – Create New Email Accounts in Bluehost

April 24, 2011

Bluehost Help – Bluehost gives you unlimited Email addresses so might as well make use of it.   You can create as many Email accounts as you want, assign passwords and mail quotas.   It is also all very easy and simple.  Here is a tutorial of how to add email accounts to your website.  For example: […]

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