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by Elaine on January 29, 2012

This tutorial applies to a Domain name purchase from Godaddy, but you are hosting on a 3rd party Webhosting provider.  3rd party web hosting provider such as Dreamhost, Fatcow, Bluehost, Host Gator, 1and1 etc.  You will need to change the NameServer in Godaddy for Godaddy to know where you are hosting your website.

If you are confused, think of it as:

  • You are a person but until you tell your friends your address, they won’t know where you live.
The relationship is the same with a Domain name and a 3rd party Webhosting Provider:
  • You have a domain name with Godaddy, but until you tell Godaddy the web hosting provider address, it won’t know where to go.

So at high level the solution is:

  • Find the Webhosting Nameserver Address
  • Change the Nameserver Addresses in Godaddy
Change Godaddy NameServer Domain Management Change Godaddy NameServer Click Domain Management

1.  Find the Webhosting Nameserver in Dreamhost

Usually the Nameservers are provided to you once you add a new domain name to your web hosting provider.  The Nameservers are actually a static address pointing to whichever Webhosting provider you chose.  So all domains you want to host on Dreamhost, the name servers will be:


2.  Change the NameServer Address in Godaddy

  • Change NameServer - Click Set Nameservers Before Change NameServer – Click Set Nameservers

    Login to your Godaddy Account

  • Hover mouse over ‘Domains’, ‘Domain Management
  • Click on the Domain Name you want to want to change
  • Under ‘NameServers’, click on ‘Set Nameservers
  • In the ‘Set Nameservers’ window, set the following values:
      • Select =  I have specific nameservers for my domains.
      • NameServer 1 =
      • NameServer 2 =
      • NameServer 3 =
  • Click on ‘OK’
Godaddy Change NameServer - Set Nameservers Godaddy Change NameServer – Set Nameservers

After you save your Nameservers, you will be prompted with a message that says it will take a couple hours to change.  You won’t see a change in the nameservers immediately, so you just have to be patient.  When you look at your domain name management again the next day, you should see that the nameservers have changed.  It will look like the screenshot below:

After Godaddy NameServer Change - Done After Godaddy NameServer Change – Done

I hope this helps.




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