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by Elaine on April 27, 2011

Dreamhost Help – I was trying to link up my Google Webmaster Tools with my new website.  For some reason it wasn’t picking up that my site was linked to my Google Analytics already.   So I decided to go with their recommended method of: Add a DNS record to your domain’s configuration.

Dreamhost is not in the drop down of domain registrars, so I had to pick “Other”.    To add the txt in the DNS is a little confusing but I will step you through how to do it below.  In my case the message said:

1. Add the TXT record below to the DNS configuration for domainname.com.

google-site-verification=yours will be different….bunch of numbers and characters

2. Click Verify below.

When Google finds this DNS TXT record, we’ll make you a verified owner of the domain. (Note: DNS changes may take some time. If we don’t find the record immediately, we’ll check for it periodically.)

To stay verified, don’t remove the TXT record, even after verification succeeds.

Steps:  How to Add the TXT record below to the DNS configuration for domainname.com.

1.  Login to your Dreamhost cPanel.

2.  Under the Main Menu, Domains, Manage Domains

3.  Find your Domain name – domainname.com, click on the DNS text link.

4.  Add a custom DNS record to the domainname.com:  Set:

Name = www

Type = TXT

Value = <the google value above from Google Webmaster Tools – starts with google-site-verification=>

5.  Click on ‘Add Record Now!’

After you save the record, Dreamhost will show you a confirmation message and send you an Email saying:

We have now added the TXT record for www.dominanme.com with value google-site-verification=yourgooglecode. Our DNS Servers will start serving this record within a couple of minutes.

Click here to see the new record below!

The Happy DreamHost Custom DNS Robot!

6.  Go back to your Google Webmaster Central and try to ‘Verify’ your site again.  It might say that the verification failed because the DNS entries take about an hour to update.  Try to verify your website again later.


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