Dreamhost Review – What is WordPress Simple Installation

by Elaine on April 27, 2011

In my last few posts I discussed how to Install Wordpress on Dreamhost and there are 2 different ways – Simple and Customized.   I have been with a lot of Webhosting service providers and Dreamhost has amazed me with how they really take care of their clients even for a Simple Wordpress Installation.

Benefits of Installing WordPress on Dreamhost with Simple Installation:

1.  Installs WordPress on your Webhosting with only asking you 3 questions

2.  Automatically creates an username and password for you.

3.  Sends you your WordPress installation information to you via Email.

4.  Automatically updates your WordPress when a new version is released.

5.  Email notifications and confirmations for all actions.

6.  Email notifications are almost immediate.

7.  Over 100 pre-installed WordPress themes for you to choose from

There are more.  The main and most important one to me was the fact that when there is a new version of WordPress, Dreamhost will automatically update my installation for me.  Then send me an email telling me that they did an upgrade for me.   I do not need to log in to my Dreamhost cPanel at all.   I think that is genius!


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