Difference Between a Domain Name and Webhosting

by Elaine on January 14, 2012

For some this is a confusing concept and below I will go through:Godaddy domain name registrar

  • What is a Domain Name
  • Where to purchase a Domain Name
  • What is a Webhosting Server
  • Where to purchase a Webhosting service

What is a Domain Name

Simply speaking, a domain name is a name that you associate your potential website with.   This is the domain URL that you would type in at the address bar.  By itself, it is meaningless.  You need to associate this name with files on a server.  Some domain registrars will have a holding page where they display their own ads until you make this move.  So it’s wise to purchase a domain name and web hosting as soon as possible to prevent others from making money off your domain name.


Where to purchase a Domain NameHostGator Webhosting Service

I purchase all my domain names from Godaddy.  I think this is the best Domain Name registrar.  Here I can manage all my domain names, and there are always coupons or discounts to purchase domain names.  Even 5 years from now when my domain is going to expire, you can easily manage the settings.

Some common Domain Name Registrars are:

What is Webhosting Provider

Webhosting is where you store all your files necessary for your website to function.   If you purchased your domain name and web hosting separately, you will need to link  your web hosting with your domain name.  Webhosting providers also provide you with Email, mySQL, bandwidth, privacy protection, disk space and more.   Now these days, most web hosting providers give you one free domain name if you purchase a web hosting service from them.

Where to purchase Webhosting

Below are some Webhosting Providers you can look into:


If you have any questions about the web hosting provider or how to use it, let me know and I will try to help.




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