Bluehost Help – How To Install Joomla

by Elaine on April 24, 2011

Bluehost Help – Bluehost has 1 Click Installs for many software scripts.  This includes the most popular CMS – Joomla.  It is very simple to Install and you do not need to create any MySQL Databases or MySQL Database Users or configure any files.  This is a huge improvement from when I started using Joomla back in the days.    To Install the latest version of Joomla (currently it’s Joomla 1.6.3), here are steps to help you:

Click here for Bluehost Video Tutorial (Duration= 1 minute):  Bluehost Help – How to install Joomla

1.  Click on your Bluehost cPanel

2.  Under Software/Services, Click on Simple Scripts

3.  Under Content Management, Click on Joomla

4.  Under Install Joomla, Click on ‘Install’

5.  Under Installation Preferences, if you want to install Joomla in a subdirectory you can set it here:

Where would you like Joomla installed? = Subdirectoryname

6.  Under Legal Information, Select that you read the legal information and Click on ‘Complete’

7.  If necessary, overwrite any necessary files.

8.  Joomla is successfully installed in your Bluehost.  You will see a confirmation message.  For example:

Installing Joomla 1.6.3 (Stable) to

Installation Complete! You can access your new website using the following information.

This information has been e-mailed to for your convenience.
Site URL:
Login URL:
Username: admin
9.  To login to your Joomla administrator panel, click on ‘Login URL’ and enter your username and password.
10.  To view your Joomla website,  click on the ‘Site URL’.


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